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memory of the future
19th-Dec-2016 10:44 pm(no subject)
First Oda Nobunari and now Stephane Lambiel lending their voices to Yuri on Ice! This makes me intensely happy. I hope they throw a shout-out in to Evgenia Medvedeva at some point too, because she’s more or less responsible for the entire skating community watching YoI.

Anyway, I made a post on Tumblr a few weeks after the show started airing about Femininity, Men’s Skating, and Yuri on Ice, if you're interested in my thoughts on yoi the history of toxic masculinity and veiled homophobia in figure skating and why Yuri on Ice’s promotion of femininity in men’s skating should be applauded.

Also, ICYMI, Johnny Weir gave an in-depth interview with The Geekiary about how he felt watching Yuri on Ice.

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24th-Jun-2016 11:11 pm - Larry For PM
fuusen gum
In an entirely healthy way of dealing with Brexit, I’m now campaigning to see Chief Mouser Larry as the next Prime Minister. Follow the campaign on Twitter at @LarryforPM.

(I’ve already gone through all of my dismayed reaction pics of Labour MPs (and former MPs) on my personal Twitter and two different Tumblrs, but campaigning for #Larry4PM has a better and more positive impact on the world.)

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27th-Mar-2016 08:08 pm(no subject)
fuusen gum
There’s a crystalline beauty in stumbling across a fic which you like, and then you look up the writer’s œuvre and realize you’d read a fic by them ages ago on a different site in a completely different fandom and era. Like wandering among uni grounds in the beginning of the year and running into an old friend.

I’m having one of those weeks (months) where I can’t really breathe or move very much, and have compensated for it by diving much too deep into a fandom. So I’ve been reading a lot of KHR fic, and only just remembered that KHR was during LJ era so I actually have to look for rec lists and can’t just wade through AO3 and FFN. Both of which I already did, if you want to know how dire my straits are.

Anyway, Yuri on Ice! I’m incredibly excited for this anime. For one, it looks like they’re actually going to be semi-accurate to RL figure skating. I’ve read enough figure skating manga over the years to despair about this, multiple times. Secondly, the artistry shown in the 1st teaser alone—Viktor’s melancholy look up, hair flowing, hand moving in despair—wow. The sound of the ice scratching as a skater comes to a stop took me straight to the rink-side watching someone skate. Also Suwabe Junichi is voicing the artistic brooding Russian skater Viktor and ToyoToshi is voicing the go-getter main character Yuuri, so I’d probably have watched this regardless of the fact it’s all of my anime dreams come true at once.

(Fingers extremely crossed they don’t screw up the figure skating details because I have been known to rant about GOE for days on end. I recently confirmed how deeply I am in this hole as I was at a figure skating event among hardcore fans, and was somehow the person providing scoring commentary. Aiyah.)

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14th-Mar-2016 10:38 pm - [Fic] Challenger
Title: Challenger
Fandom: Hikaru no Go, Go RPF
Characters: Shindou Hikaru, Touya Akira, others
Rating: G
Summary: A computer was going to play the best Go player in the world. No one thought it could win. And yet the first thing that Touya said was, “It reminds me of your whole situation with sai.”
Word Count: 3,170
Notes: ICYMI I watched a lot of go this week and wrote the Lee Sedol v. AlphaGo match into a fanfic.

Read on AO3

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14th-Jan-2016 01:29 am(no subject)
takasugi was caught up in his hallucinations of shoyo, but when his visions and the dust clears all there is to see is the bright marici representing the sun—and gintoki. even as the sun sets.

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4th-Oct-2011 10:25 pm(no subject)
In my last post, quoted from Maciej Cegłowski of Pinboard fame:

In this post, quoted from Eric Meyer, CSS expert nonpareil:
Searching For Mark Pilgrim

Just yesterday, I took a screenshot of the title page of Dive Into HTML5 to include in a presentation as a highly recommended resource. Now it’s gone. That site, along with all the other “Dive Into…” sites (Accessibility, Python, Greasemonkey, etc.) and addictionis.org, is returning an HTTP “410 Gone” message. Mark’s Github, Google+, Reddit, and Twitter accounts have all been deleted. And attempts to email him have been bounced back.

This is very reminiscent of Why the Lucky Stiff’s infosuicide, and it’s honestly shocking.
Followed up with:
Mark Pilgrim is alive/annoyed we called the police. Please stand down and give the man privacy and space, and thanks everyone for caring.
There really is no difference.
Pinboard has traditionally been the bastion of web tech and Daring Fireball–types, but now as fandom's moving to Pinboard:

Popular Tags (as of 2011/09/29)


Also of note:

joeld: Somehow @Pinboard's popular page got taken over by gay fan fiction. I rather miss the web/entrepreneurial stuff predominating.
Pinboard: @joeld same amount of wank, just in a different format
Read more...Collapse )

Anyway, for those of you thinking of migrating to Pinboard: it's slightly under $10 to get an account (flat fee), which will rise along with the # of users. You can also pay extra annually to get automatic backups of everything you save (pretty neat). Pinboard still isn't quite fleshed out yet despite being a couple years old, but it looks like Maciej will get stuff like tag bundles and group privacy like LJ up in a reasonable amount of time.

If you're still using Delicious, here's a userstyle to make the new layout more tolerable.

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